The Christian Embassy’s 3-Prong Response to Hamas Terror

The ICEJ is on the Frontlines of Israel’s Battle to defend us all from jihadist terrorism. Please join us in this just cause today!

On 7 October, Israel was brutally attacked by Islamist-inspired terrorists who carried out the worst pogrom against innocent Jewish lives since the Holocaust. The Israeli army is now fighting to rid Gaza of the scourge of Hamas terrorism, which poses an intolerable threat to the entire region and even has the Arab population of Gaza imprisoned in poverty and indoctrination to hatred. This war is Israel’s most daunting crisis in generations, as Iran and its proxy Hizbullah are threatening to expand the conflict by raining down hundreds of thousands of rockets and missiles on Israel from Lebanon, even as the world twistedly paints the Jewish state as aggressor, not victim and defender.

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is unequivocally standing with Israel in this battle. Our emergency response efforts fall into the following three areas:

ICEJ on the frontlines

1) Prayer: 

The ICEJ has launched a daily Global Prayer Gathering to give updates and offer prayers alongside Christian leaders and intercessors from Israel and around the world. We also have called a Global Esther Fast to bring together those willing to fast and pray into this very difficult situation. Find out more about our urgent prayer efforts at:

2) Relief Aid: 

The ICEJ staff in Israel are on the ground bringing urgent relief aid to the embattled nation. Currently, we are:

  • Joining urgent food distribution efforts to the elderly, new immigrants and needy families nationwide.
  • Assisting evacuated Israeli families with housing, food, clothing and emergency aid, plus toys and activities for the children.
  • Providing helmets and protective vests to volunteers in first-responder teams.
  • Rushing to order more portable bomb shelters for the north and south of the country, and renovating more underground shelters in vulnerable border towns.
  • Donating ambulances and other emergency medical equipment.
  • Donating warm clothing, tents, sleeping bags and other outdoor equipment for those defending the country.
  •  Funding trauma counseling and care for Israeli families severely shaken by the conflict.

Read a summary of the ICEJ’s Relief Aid efforts (Download PDF)

See below how the ICEJ is impacting thousands of Israelis during this crisis through specific Relief Aid projects:

To help Israelis in urgent need and to support Israel in the public arena, please donate today to our Israel in Crisis fund at:

3) Solidarity:

The ICEJ is working through our international network of branch offices and activists to defend Israel and combat the wave of antisemitic incitement now sweeping the globe. Israel has a right to defend itself, and a just cause to eradicate the Hamas terror militia before its ideology spreads further. You can show solidarity with Israel by organizing or joining rallies and marches for Israel in your home towns and capitals. Also be sure to let your government leaders and media know of your stand with Israel. Learn more at: