Our leadership team at the ICEJ hails from around the globe and from all walks of life.


Dr. Juergen Buehler, Serves as President of the ICEJ, overseeing the global ministry from Jerusalem and traveling extensively around the world to preach on God’s purposes for Israel, the Church and the nations in our day. A trained physicist (doctorate in chemistry from Israel’s esteemed Weizmann Institute), Bühler is also ordained with the German Pentecostal Federation (BFP).

Vice President of Operations

Barry R. Denison has his BA in Biblical Literature and his MBA from ORU. He is an ordained Minister of the Gospel since 1983. He and his wife Debbie and family served in church planting and leadership training in Brazil for 12 years. They then lived as a family in Israel for 7 years, 1995 to 2002, serving the Lord and raising their 3 children. Barry has worked as an Economist and International Business Consultant and served as the Executive Pastor of his home church in Loveland, Colorado. He is serving with ICEJ since 2014 and he and his wife Debbie live in Jerusalem with their daughter Kelly, son in Law Travis and their 2 grandsons Joel and Levi.

Vice President of Aid and Aliyah

Nicole Yoder has been engaged in humanitarian aid projects in Israel for over 20 years and currently serves as ICEJ’s Vice President for Aid & Aliyah. From a Mennonite background in Oregon, she moved to Israel in 1992. An important facet of her work involves building relationships between the Jewish, Arab, and Christian communities. She holds a B.A. in Behavioral Science and an M.A. in International Community Development from Northwest University.

Vice President of International Affairs

Mathematician, diplomatic translator, and ICEJ Vice President for International Affairs. Founder and National Director of ICEJ-Czech Republic, Dr. Mojmir Kallus came to faith during the Soviet Communist era and became a church planter and Bible teacher, promoting pro-Israel policies.

Vice President & Senior International Spokesman

David Parsons is an author, attorney, journalist, minister and Middle East specialist who serves as Vice President & Senior Spokesman for the ICEJ. On staff in Jerusalem for the past 22 years, Parsons has been interviewed by hundreds of media outlets and travels the world to speak about Israel and our prophetic times.

Vice President of Finance

David Van Der Walt was born in South Africa and moved to Israel in 1996 where he met his wife from Finland and joined the ICEJ in 2002. In 2010, he became the Vice -President of Finance (CFO). David studied in the Jerusalem Management school in Jerusalem. After 14 years of living in Israel, he and his wife moved to Finland where they currently reside with their 4 children. David also serves on the ICEJ Canada Board as the Treasurer and in the past as Chairman. David is passionate about Kingdom Business and good Stewardship.