The ICEJ has been sponsoring trauma counselling and care for hundreds of Israelis severely shaken by the terror events of October 7th and the conflict, such as:

Trauma training for professionals
  • Providing leadership and resilience training and support to 210 doctors and nurses who are responsible for over 2625 medical staff.
  • Offering trauma therapy and emotional support to evacuated teens and at-risk young adults.
  • Horse-back riding therapy sessions and equipment for traumatized children.
  • Helping establish a PTSD trauma center in the North for IDF veterans and others.
  • Renovating a treatment center in Jerusalem caring for hundreds of Israeli soldiers and civilians suffering from PTSD.
  • Trauma treatment for four groups at a specialised farm in the Negev.
  • Sponsoring an empowerment camp for 40 evacuated children.
  • Forty families in Ramle and Lod receiving social-emotional support.
  • 340 treatments for war victims to increase their mental well-being.

Summary of ICEJ’s War Relief Efforts (Downloadable PDF)

Please stand with the ICEJ as we help Israelis from all walks of life to overcome together the traumas of the current conflict. You can be part of these efforts by supporting our Israel in Crisis Fund.

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