The Rosh Chodesh Prayer Call

Shalom from Jerusalem,

One of the most encouraging developments out of the Corona crisis is the increased urgency for prayer among believers worldwide, especially in online prayer meetings. The ICEJ has recently held our own weekly Global Prayer Gatherings and a special Pentecost prayer marathon, and we have received testimonies from many who truly sensed a powerful presence of God during these online gatherings.

The New Moon

Building on this experience, we are planning to hold a new monthly prayer initiative online, at least until this year’s Feast of Tabernacles. It will be a global prayer chain encircling the earth every Rosh Chodesh, when the new moon appears at the start of each month according to the Hebrew calendar.

This festival of the new moon was given to the Jewish people at Mt Sinai. Special sacrifices were to be offered on Rosh Chodesh to mark the beginning of the new month (Numbers 28: 11-15). It also became a time when the Israelites would consult the Hebrew prophets (2 Kings 4:23). In addition, this joyous day featured the blast of a trumpet blown on the pinnacle of the Temple in Jerusalem to announce the arrival of the new month.

In a similar manner, ICEJ will be ‘blowing the trumpet’ from Jerusalem to call for a special day of prayer and seeking the Lord at the start of each new month. Rosh Chodesh prayer calls will be held on the following date:

  • 29 July -9 August- A new Hebrew month of Av

Please visit this link for the Rosh Chodesh schedule and join the prayer call with your language group:

Make sure to join us this month at the Zoom link: !

Blessings in Yeshua,

Dr Jürgen Bühler