For those who want to delve deeper for more understanding of Israel, its biblical and modern history, its many accomplishments and struggles, as well as its diverse peoples and unique landscapes, we invite you to Explore Israel with us. The modern-day restoration of Israel is of great prophetic significance, and we help you understand why. This also is a nation reborn through many trials and tears, and yet it is blessing the world with amazing technological and medical advances. Let the ICEJ enlighten you on how this is all taking place in our day.

Biblical Teachings

The Bible is clear that the nation of Israel is in many ways a “mystery.” But with sound insights into Scripture and a solid grasp of Israel’s lengthy history, the ICEJ can help you unravel the often hidden plans and purposes behind God’s enduring calling over the Jewish people. From His covenant with Abraham to the Cross to the Age to Come, Israel is central to God’s redemptive plan for all peoples, and the ICEJ invites you to follow that important spiritual journey with us.

Israel Today

In modern times, the scattered Jewish people have returned to their ancient homeland and re-established their nation in the face of great opposition. Their rise from the ashes of the Holocaust and return to the family of nations is nothing short of a modern-day miracle. The wonders have continued as Israel has become the “Start-Up Nation,” leading the world in innovation and advancement. Let the ICEJ be your guide into the miracle of modern Israel.