The ICEJ has assisted scores of Israeli evacuee families with housing, emergency aid, educational needs, and emotional support, including:

• Respite days for 450 evacuees, including new immigrants living near the Gaza border and other families from the South hosted at Yad HaShmona.
• Gift cards for 440 evacuee families from Kfar Aza and Sderot.
• Hosting 18 evacuees, including with food and emergency items.
• Meeting basic needs of hundreds of children, including toys, games, mattresses, first aid kits, food, etc.
• Sponsoring activities, therapy and/or emotional support for some 1,000 evacuee children, some with disabilities.
• Providing computers for children in 10 evacuee families.
• Establishing 11 classrooms for evacuated children, with equipment and books.
• Giving 250 bags packed with toys to children of evacuated families in Haifa.
• Funding the printing of 4,000 books to help traumatized children in evacuated families, being published by the already re-opened print house in the hard-hit community of Kibbutz Be’eri.

Summary of ICEJ’s War Relief Aid Efforts (Downloadable PDF)

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