Israel’s current war with Hamas in Gaza is the nation’s most daunting crisis in decades, especially given the threat posed by other Iranian-backed terror militias in the region and the very troubling wave of antisemitism now sweeping the globe. In response, Jews and Christians worldwide are uniting in a truly historic prayer initiative to stand with the Jewish nation and people at this critical time.

The Weekend of Prayer for Zion’s Sake initiative is inviting churches and synagogues worldwide to use the weekend of 17-19 November as a special time to offer prayers for Israel and the return of the hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. The ICEJ-USA national office launched this unified prayer campaign with a broad network of prominent rabbis and Christian leaders in the United States. The ICEJ head office in Jerusalem is now partnering with the Israel Allies Foundation and other groups to take this extraordinary prayer weekend to churches and synagogues around the world.

Senior rabbinic and pastoral leaders are notifying their respective synagogues and churches to take time in their services over the weekend of 17-19 November to pray for the people of Israel in their hour of need. Major Orthodox rabbis have even written a special prayer of thanksgiving for Christian support of Israel that the synagogues can pray that weekend.

Meanwhile, efforts also are underway through pro-Israel caucuses in the parliaments of numerous countries to pass resolutions calling on Jewish and Christian congregations to pray for Israel and the hostages during that weekend.

The horrific slaughter of Israelis on October 7, 2023 was more than a terror attack, it is part of an ancient spiritual battle against God’s people Israel that He chose to be a blessing to the world (Genesis 12:3). Ultimately, it is a war waged in defiance of God and His Word. As Christians, the vow “Never Again” means little if we do not speak up and pray for Israel now. Will you join us?

We urge you to join this unprecedented display of Christian-Jewish unity on Israel’s behalf. Make sure your church takes time that weekend to pray for the Jewish state and people, and especially for those held hostage in Gaza.

“For Zion’s sake I will not hold My peace.”

Isaiah 62:1


During your regularly scheduled services over the weekend of November 17–19, lead a time of prayer for Israel and the release of the hostages still held captive by Hamas. Every Sabbath in synagogues, Jews pray a “Prayer for Israel”—and on this weekend, they will do so knowing that churches are joining them with prayer during their own services.


As a pastor or Christian leader, phone your local synagogue and let them know you and your church are praying for Israel and the release of the hostages that weekend.


Search out opportunities to stand with your local Jewish community at rallies or vigils and on social media. We cannot hold our peace or be silent at this time! 

Sign up your church for the Weekend of Prayer For Zion’s Sake initiative at:

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