Tunde with evacuee
By: ICEJ Staff Writers

The Christian Embassy is truly on the frontlines of Israel’s fierce battle with Hamas terrorism, as we bring support and comfort to many hurting people.

One key area of our support is taking care of Israeli evacuees, as thousands of people from the southern and northern border regions have been relocated to safer areas of Israel, finding shelter in hotels, guest houses, youth hostels or other temporary housing.

children's room

For almost three weeks, the ICEJ, in cooperation with The Israel Cornerstone Foundation has been hosting and caring for three evacuee families who relocated to a safe house we arranged in Tzur Hadassah, just south of Jerusalem.

Two ICEJ staff members have been on hand night and day to look after these traumatized people. Our team prepared the rooms for their arrival, and now have been taking them shopping or to the pharmacy, sharing a word of encouragement, offering a hug, or simply listening to their stories.

ICEJ staff member Tunde recently shared a personal encounter she had while looking after the evacuees, who are all coping with trauma and how to handle the ongoing crisis.

“A Jewish girl named Elie* stood out to me,” said Tunde. “Despite the pain she carries, she remains an incredibly open and smiling individual. Even during her own suffering, she never forgets to smile.”

Elie invited Tunde for a cup of coffee and poured out her heart and pain, and especially her deep concern for her boyfriend, John. He is currently going through a period of depression and worry due to the abduction of his childhood friend Isaac on October 7th. Isaac had attended the music festival near Reem which was attacked by dozens of Hamas terrorists that Shabbat morning. While Isaac’s girlfriend managed to escape the clutches of the terrorists, Isaac was not as fortunate. The weight of this tragedy is overwhelming, but Elie continues to persevere and fulfill her responsibilities at her company.

Elie kindly invited me to join her in reciting the Shema after sunset, as is customary among the Jewish community. She also suggested we read several Psalms together. It was truly a beautiful moment to sit with her, and to read and pray alongside her.

In moments like these, when words may fail us, sometimes simply being present with someone can convey more than words ever could.

“It is truly a privilege to serve the Jewish people during such a challenging time,” said Tunde. “Our hearts are heavy with concern for their losses and the grief they are currently enduring while trying to defend themselves.”

The grief and sorrow felt by these families runs deep. Everyone seems to have a friend or relative directly impacted by this great tragedy. But the ICEJ is here to offer comfort and bring hope for a better future.

And as we continue to support these displaced Israeli families with housing, food and care, please consider what you can do to help, and also keep them in your prayers.

Treats for evacuee children

Your continuing donations to our Israel in Crisis fund will enable us to meet many more urgent needs in the embattled nation of Israel. You will be:

  • Assisting evacuated Israeli families with housing, food, clothing and emergency aid, plus toys and activities for the children.
  • Joining urgent food distribution efforts to the elderly, new immigrants and needy families nationwide.
  • Supplying more vital emergency equipment and protective gear for first responders.
  • Placing more bomb shelters and renovating existing shelters in vulnerable Israeli communities.
  • Delivering more ambulances and other emergency medical equipment.
  • Providing clothes, tents, sleeping bags and other outdoor equipment for those safeguarding outlying communities.
  • Funding trauma counselling for Israeli medical workers responding to the crisis and for families severely shaken by this conflict.

Give today at: give.icej.org/crisis

*Name changed to protect privacy.