The 75th anniversary Independence Day ceremony, held at Mount Herzl, Jerusalem on April 25, 2023. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90
May/June 2023 editionIsrael Celebrates its Diamond Anniversary

This edition of the Word from Jerusalem magazine features an informative Bible teaching. In ‘King of Heaven and Earth’, ICEJ President Dr. Jürgen Bühler shares from the Scriptures about the Kingdom of God.

Israel just marked 75 years since David Ben-Gurion declared its independence in Tel Aviv on 14 May 1948, and today this is a nation which is truly blessing the whole world! In our Current Events pages, you will be amazed to discover the many wonderful innovations coming from this incredible land. You also will gain an understanding of the factors behind recent tensions in Israel, as ICEJ Vice President & Senior Spokesman David Parsons gives his latest assessment in ‘Iran widens its ‘shadow war’ with Israel‘.

Be sure to read our ‘Inside the Embassy’ pages to see the remarkable interactions the ICEJ leadership is having with presidents and prime ministers. We also share on how the ICEJ commemorated Holocaust Remembrance Day and brought comfort to a Jewish family suffering multiple losses from a recent terrorist attack.

Meanwhile, the ICEJ continues our commitment to bringing Jewish immigrants back to their homeland of Israel through our Aliyah and integration efforts. We share on the recent arrival of 155 Ethiopian Jewish immigrants, as well as the Aliyah efforts underway in helping Ukrainian Jews with their immigration.

Be blessed to see how your generous support is enabling the ICEJ to impact Israeli lives, as you read about our fruitful Aid projects and enjoy seeing how residents of the ICEJ’s Home for Holocaust survivors delighted in a day trip around Haifa. It is an honour to care for these precious Holocaust survivors and ensure their happiness in these last years of their lives. 

See what is happening in the nations as ICEJ offices around the world share their recent activities on behalf of Israel, combat antisemitism, and mark Israel’s 75th anniversary with celebrations and gala banquets.

In our Biblical Archaeology section, we share an excerpt from an interview with renowned Professor Gabriel Barkay, who is considered a leading expert on the history of Jerusalem and is credited with discovering the oldest biblical Hebrew inscriptions ever found.

Thank you for partnering with the ICEJ in our efforts to bless and comfort the people of Israel. Enjoy this edition of the Word from Jerusalem and many blessings from Jerusalem to you and your family!

Cover photo credit: Flash 90/Yonatan Sindel