Word from Jerusalem

By: Staff Writers

With Succot drawing nearer and the Feast of Tabernacles soon upon us, it is such a blessing to see how God has honoured the prayers of Fiji and the surrounding Island nations. The Gospel has indeed spread from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth and this year for the first time a charter flight of Fijian Airline will be landing at Israel’s Ben Gurion airport bringing Feast Pilgrims!

This September/October issue has more information on this year’s joyous Feast, including a feature article on the historic Fijian delegation as their nation prepares to open an Embassy in Jerusalem. Please try to join us for the online Feast if you are not able to make it in person. You can register at: feast.icej.org

Be sure to read the Biblical Teaching by ICEJ President Dr. Jürgen Bühler: “Heaven Reigns! The Lord is ‘King of all the earth’”.  In these times of unprecedented challenges, it is important that we keep our eyes set on the eternal Kingship of Jesus. Dr. Bühler shares how God expects us to live out His Kingdom reality in this present darkness, just as Daniel did amid the evil Babylonian system.

The ICEJ continues to bless and impact lives in Israel through our many AID projects, giving hope to many by sponsoring co-existence projects, helping vulnerable sectors of society develop new marketable skills, bridging social gaps through educational programs, and so much more. Read how the ICEJ was recently honoured to receive the prestigious Warburg Award from the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) and the Felix M. Warburg Society for our humanitarian work here in the land of Israel.  

Our international pages are packed with highlights from ICEJ-branches around the globe. Read how the Czech and Slovak branches hosted a memorial walk to honour Auschwitz escapees, the impressive project underway in the Philippines where Prayer houses are being established, how Gabon is hungry to bless Israel, an ICEJ-Oceania conference soon taking place and so much more.     

Thank you for partnering with the ICEJ in our efforts to bless and comfort the people of Israel. Enjoy these articles and many more in this edition of the Word from Jerusalem!  

Blessings from Jerusalem to you and your family!