By: ICEJ Staff

Word from Jerusalem Magazine – September/October 2022 edition

In this September/October issue of the Word from Jerusalem magazine, we address a question which comes up from time to time: Why is the ICEJ reaching out to the Arab minority in Israel? This is something very dear to our hearts, as we know we are called not only to bless the Jewish people and to recognise their unique, eternal calling, but we also must show the loving face of Jesus to all the people groups living in the Land. 

We also feature an inspiring Bible teaching by David Parsons on this year’s Feast theme: “The Land of Promise”. David makes use of his legal background to help bring out fresh spiritual truths about a subject of great importance – the role of the Land promise in God’s redemptive plan and how we as Christians should respond to the return of the Jewish people to their ancestral homeland today. 

The ICEJ continues to impact lives in Israel through our many AID and Aliyah projects. Read how a community in Israel’s Hof Ashkelon region near Gaza can now feel protected in their newly restored underground shelter, thanks to the ICEJ’s generous donor support. The ICEJ is also having a real impact in Aliyah this year and, with your help, we hope to sponsor more Jewish immigrants from Ethiopia, Russia and Ukraine over coming months. 

As you are reading through this magazine, may you be blessed and encouraged by all that we are doing together. Thank you for standing with us even during difficult times in your own countries. We trust and pray you will experience in your own life and family, that those who bless and comfort Israel will receive God’s blessings in return. 

We hope to see many of you in person at the Feast of Tabernacles celebration in Jerusalem from 9-16 October. If you are not able to physically be with us, please make sure to check out the ways you can join us online through our special streaming platform at 

Happy reading and blessings from Jerusalem!