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This edition of the Word from Jerusalem magazine contains a colorful display of the Feast highlights, excerpts from the inspirational teachings, as well as an abundance of other interesting ministry updates!

Word from Jerusalem Magazine – November/December 2022 edition

An array of colourful Feast highlights and many other interesting ministry articles are waiting to be explored between the covers of our November/December edition of the Word from Jerusalem.

The Feast of Tabernacles this year was truly a mo’ed (appointed time) where the Lord meets with His people in Jerusalem. Our Feast Highlights and Feast Review pages display the magnificence of this joyful occasion and our thankfulness to the Lord for indeed meeting with His people.

The Bible teaching, “The Land of Promise” by ICEJ President Dr. Jürgen Bühler is an excerpt from his Feast sermon highlighting the faithfulness of God in keeping His promises to Abraham, and explains how God Himself honoured the covenant He made, no matter the failings of man.

Read about the important initiative that the ICEJ has embarked upon with Keren Kayemeth Le’Israel/Jewish National Fund (KKL/JNF) to stand in solidarity with the people of Israel through re-planting a popular forest near the Gaza border that will be a lasting reminder of our support and care for the nation of Israel.

The ICEJ continues to impact lives in Israel through our many AID and Aliyah projects. Be sure to read the article, “The Planting of the Lord” by ICEJ Vice President for AID and Aliyah, Nicole Yoder, and be blessed as you read about the difference the ICEJ is making in the lives of many Jewish immigrants to Israel.

Also enjoy the wonderful update from our Haifa Home for Holocaust survivors as Yudit Setz shares on the recent visitors the Home received and a new project that is bringing so much joy to the survivors, while a German volunteer reflects on his time serving these precious residents.  

As you are reading through this magazine, may you be blessed and encouraged by all that we are doing together. Thank you for standing with us in blessing and comforting the people of Israel.

Happy reading and many blessings from Jerusalem!