Bomb Shelters being delivered
By: Laurina Driesse

Ilan Keith Isaacson is security chief for the Eshkol Regional Council, which stretches across 40 kilometers of the 65-kilometer Israeli border with Gaza. During a recent interview for the weekly ICEJ Webinar series online, he shared about the conflict with Hamas in May and the constant threats his communities face.

“When 4300 missiles are being shot into Israel within 11 days, it’s very hard to function in our area”, he said. “In the Eshkol region, there were 729 sirens in those 11 days and about 30% of the missiles which were shot into Israel fell into the Eshkol region. But something more concerning to us is that 120-millimeter mortars, which is a very deadly bomb, fell directly into our kibbutzim – almost 80 in all. To hear the sirens hourly is one thing, but when the mortars are falling in the kibbutzim, that is something else – that is actually terrifying!”

Knowing how volatile this area along the Gaza border is, the ICEJ has worked closely with the Eshkol region to provide equipment for security volunteers and first responders, including ‘walkie-talkie’ radio equipment to respond quickly to a crisis, fire-fighting trailers and protective clothing for use in extinguishing the ongoing arson fires started by incendiary balloons released from Gaza into Israeli farming fields, and finally dozens of life-saving mobile bomb shelters.

Expressing his gratitude, Ilan said: “Thank you for the bomb shelters… We only have between 5 to 15 seconds to get into shelters here. Thank you for what you give to the rescue and search teams of the municipality. Thank you for the fire volunteers’ equipment so that we can deal with these very extreme situations. With all these things, there are no better words than ‘just saving lives’.”

Through your generous donations, the ICEJ had an opportunity to show support to the Israeli communities living on the Gaza border earlier this month by delivering much-needed fire-fighting suits as well as a life-saving mobile bomb-shelter.

Please watch our video showing the demonstration of our solidarity with these vulnerable Israeli communities in the south of Israel.

To ensure these communities along the Gaza border are well prepared to protect themselves from further rocket onslaughts, please help the ICEJ continue to provide them with bomb shelters and other needed security equipment. Your gifts are saving lives!