Help us fill an Aliyah ‘evacuation flight’ this month!

The ICEJ flew 1,000 Jewish immigrants home to Israel between February and June, which is a remarkable rate of 250 olim (newcomers) per month during the Corona crisis. We are now challenging our friends and supporters to help us maintain that pace in the critical months ahead, when Aliyah is expected to increase.

The Jewish Agency is calling them “evacuation flights”, since they are bringing trapped Israeli citizens back home as well as new immigrants approved for Aliyah. Priority is given to those facing urgent health concerns, rising antisemitism, and poor socio-economic conditions. Many of these Jewish olim had planned to move to Israel over recent months, and even quit their jobs and cancelled their apartment leases already, but due to Corona they have now been stranded without home or finances.

So help us bring at least 250 Jews on Aliyah “rescue flights” to Israel this coming month. Donate today at:

And follow our progress in this urgent Aliyah campaign at:

(The estimated average costs per seat for this month is $800, which can include extra baggage allowance, connecting flights, ground transport and other costs.)