By: Javier Martínez, ICEJ-Mexico National Director

On April 24, I was invited to share a word about the ICEJ and Israel during the first Latin American online prayer night organised by the Latin American Prayer Council, “CLAMOR”, an event now being held each last Friday of the month for the balance of 2020. Convened in response to Corona, the monthly prayer gathering seeks to represent “our Saviour to give an answer to humanity without hope, which is in total confusion, and does not receive a response from its leaders or rulers.”

The convocation was endorsed by important networks of apostles, pastors and ministries in most Latin American countries. It was broadcast via Zoom, FaceTime, Facebook, and on Spanish-speaking Christian TV channels in Guatemala, Colombia and the USA. The call reached 807,000 people! When adding the TV reach, the audience increased to some 3 million people.

Israel and the ICEJ gained greater visibility among Christians in Latin America since all the panelists underscored the mandate and need to pray for Israel and participate in the Feast of Tabernacles 2020. Some members of this network are close to government authorities and are urging their governments to move their embassies to Jerusalem. Among them are Bolivia, El Salvador and Chile.

The second prayer night was held on May 29, and the exposure to Israel and the ICEJ was even greater. A video greeting by ICEJ President Dr. Jürgen Bühler was viewed by 7.1 million participants, either through TV, YouTube or Facebook.

After these two prayer nights, we also gained many more Spanish-speaking participants in the ICEJ’s own online prayer events on Pentecost Sunday in May and the initial Rosh Chodesh prayer watch in June.