Miguel with Argentina entourage
By: ICEJ Staff Writers
Photo: ICEJ Spanish envoy Miguel Muñoz Valeriano and his wife Esther (left) and Diego Freytes (right) with Ambassador Eyal Sela and Public Diplomacy Attaché Amital Perry at the Israeli Embassy in Argentina

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem has increased its outreach into Latin America, tapping into the groundswell of Christian support for Israel in this vast region. Here are exciting reports on recent ministry trips by Barry Denison and Miguel Muñoz Valeriano of our Jerusalem team to Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Honduras and Uruguay. Christians from Central and South America were impacted for Israel and celebrated the 75th anniversary of the modern-day Jewish state.

Passion for Israel in Bolivia and Brazil

ICEJ Vice President for Operations Barry Denison, along with his wife Debbie, recently conducted an extended ministry trip to Bolivia and then Brazil, a nation where they served for many years as pastors and church planters. In both countries, thousands of believers flocked to the meeting halls to share their passion for Israel and the Feast of Tabernacles. 

Barry first visited Santa Cruz for a series of meetings with Apostle Alberto Magno, national director for ICEJ-Bolivia and founding pastor of a thriving congregation with 20,000 members. Alberto attributes the growth and success of his ministry to the blessing of God for preaching biblical truths and standing with Israel in prayer and financial giving. 

In Brazil, he travelled from the northern Amazon region of San Luis to the commercial centers of São Paulo and Porto Seguro on the coast, ministering in the network of churches overseen by Apostle Renê Terra Nova, national director for ICEJ-Brazil, as well as congregations which Barry has his own connections to for decades. 
The churches and ministries he encountered were already grounded in rich teachings on Israel and the Church. Thanks to the efforts of Apostle Fabio Abud, the regional government of São Paulo has even declared the Feast of Tabernacles to be an official holiday.  

It was clear that God has been working in Brazil. Even though the country just re-elected a former leftist leader who was convicted of corruption and is unfriendly towards Israel, many God-fearing Christians gathered in the streets for public repentance and prayer meetings across the nation. In addition, more doors are opening to spread God’s love for Israel through a new ICEJ regional office established in the state of Rio de Janeiro. There also are greater opportunities now for Brazilian believers to help with Aliyah to Israel through our partnership with the Jewish Agency. 
Also of note, the current information which Barry brought on Israel was helpful in combating the false accusations of occupation and apartheid now spreading in both Bolivia and Brazil. 
Finally, we are expecting large delegations from Bolivia and Brazil once again at this year’s Feast. 

ICEJ Spanish envoy promotes ministry across Latin America

Miguel Muñoz Valeriano, the ICEJ’s new Spanish-speaking International Spokesman, travelled to several countries in South and Central America this spring to share about the ministry’s vision and projects in Israel and worldwide. On his extended tour to Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Honduras, Miguel spoke in numerous churches and met with Evangelical and Jewish community leaders, as well as government and diplomatic officials. 

Pastor Marcelo Reyes, new ICEJ- Chile representative

In Argentina, Miguel held various meetings along with our national director Diego Freytes to strengthen ties between ICEJ and the local Christian and Jewish communities. Notable activities included a meeting with Ambassador Eyal Sela at the Israeli embassy to remember those who died in the terrorist attack on the embassy building 31 years ago. 

In Uruguay, Miguel was welcomed by Pastor Alexis Medina, who has a profound love for Israel and the Jewish people. Medina arranged several events with churches and government officials for Miguel to present the ICEJ’s support for Israel from a biblical and historic perspective. 

Miguel then travelled to Santiago in Chile to install Pastor Marcelo Reyes of Sebaoth Ministry as ICEJ’s new national representative. Local church and Jewish community leaders joined diplomats from the Embassy of Israel in attending the ICEJ-Chile branch opening. Miguel and Pastor Reyes also made courtesy calls on two leading rabbis and toured a permanent Holocaust exhibit at an area church. 

Miguel speaking in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

On the final leg, Miguel visited his home country of Honduras to teach about the ICEJ’s mission in four churches of the Gran Comisión Latino América (GCLA) network and pay friendly visits to the Jewish community and Israeli officials. Miguel also consulted with the ICEJ-Honduras team and the Ambassador of Israel about opportunities and challenges for our ministry in the country and region. 

The month-long tour of Latin American countries was a chance to promote the ICEJ’s activities on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people worldwide, and to strengthen ties with local Evangelical churches. Miguel was especially hopefully that every person who heard his encouraging message from Psalm 122 could find God’s purpose in their life, and that every church he visited would stand in solidarity with Israel.