By: ICEJ Staff

The ICEJ’s global network includes national directors and representatives in over 90 nations, and these international offices are actively involved in organizing conferences and other events to bring greater awareness about Israel, fight antisemitism, raise funds for ICEJ Aid and Aliyah projects, connect local churches to Israel, and so much more. Here are some recent highlights from the nations:

Rawlings and Jacob 2022

ICEJ-Netherlands conference urges support for Aliyah amid global crises
In early September, ICEJ President Dr. Jürgen Bühler visited the Netherlands to be the keynote speaker at the yearly conference on Israel organized by our ICEJ-Netherlands office, led by national directors Jacob and Henni Keegstra. Jürgen and Jacob both spoke on the subject of

Crossroads for Israel, the world and the Church and the importance of trusting God amid the many crises the world is facing at this sobering time. Also taking the stage were Jay and Meridel Rawlings, who were among the founders of the Christian Embassy in the early 1980s. The Rawlings gave a powerful talk on Crossroads in Aliyah and presented their pioneering work to build Christian understanding and support for Aliyah through the documentary films they produced, such as “Apples of Gold”. The Dutch Christians attending in-person and on-line responded strongly in giving towards the ICEJ’s aid and Aliyah projects, including welcome packages for 60 new immigrants to Israel.

ICEJ at the Central America-Israel Forum II
Claudia Fierro, the ICEJ’s Spanish language coordinator, was present at the Second Forum of Central America and Israel, held this year in Panama City from 6-to-8 September. Organized by the Movement to Combat Antisemitism (CAM), the Forum brought together legislators and Evangelical and Jewish leaders from 14 Central American countries to discuss initiatives and state policies to effectively combat antisemitism in the region. Among the featured speakers was Soviet Jewish refusnik and former Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Natan Sharansky.

 Claudia Fierro, Coordinadora de ICEJ Español; Itai Bardov, Embajador de Israel en Panamá y su esposa, Yeni Moreno, Subdirectora de ICEJ Panamá.

Held in the iconic Hemicycle of the Parlatino, (the Latin American Parliament), the Forum focused on five themes divided into different plenary sessions: Uniting to confront hatred and intolerance, strengthening ties with the Jewish people based on shared values, best practices to ensure safe and tolerant cities, promote dialogue, understanding and a sense of community, and achieve excellence in the face of adversity.

ICEJ-Panama was a very active participation in the event, through our Deputy Director in the country, Pastor Yeni Moreno, who summoned a number of attendees from the Evangelical Alliance of Panama, as well as the Poli Capellanes, a nationwide body of chaplains in schools, hospitals, prisons and crisis response.

“It is important that the Christians of Panama participate in events like this to reaffirm our ties of friendship and love towards the people of God,” said Yeni Moreno, adding: “This event impacted the hearts of hundreds of evangelical Christian leaders who attended this Forum, by listening to each speaker.”

Finland Exodus day with Jani S and David Parsons

ICEJ-Finland hosts annual ‘Exodus Day’ conference
In August, ICEJ-Finland hosted its annual “Exodus Day” conference focused on our current Aliyah efforts. The event was held in the town of Lappeenranta, not far from the Russian border. The featured speaker was David Parsons, ICEJ Vice President & Senior Spokesman, along with musical guest Jonathan Parsons, both coming from our Jerusalem headquarters.

Other speakers included Finnish national director Jani Salokangas, board chairman John Remes and advisory board member Fredrik Ekholm, while a Jewish Agency representative also was on hand to give an update on the latest developments in Aliyah. Despite new obstacles to Aliyah being raised by Russia, the ICEJ is continuing to assist Jews in immigrating to Israel from the former Soviet republics. The Finnish audience, both on-site and on-line, were very generous in supporting the ICEJ’s ongoing Aliyah efforts and our other social aid work in Israel.

Solvakia/Czech branhes walk from Auschwitz

Czech and Slovak branches honor Auschwitz escapees
Recently, the ICEJ’s branches in Slovakia and the Czech Republic hosted their annual march in honor of two Slovak Jews who escaped Auschwitz and informed the world about the atrocities occurring in the Nazi death camp. Forty people took part in the 130 kilometer walk from Auschwitz in Poland to Žilina in Slovakia which follows the route taken by Alfred Wetzler and Rudof Vrba, the two Jewish men who in April 1944 successfully broke

out of the Nazi camp and wrote a detailed 32-page report on the horrors being committed there by the Nazis. The group of marchers, which included a member of the Slovak parliament, were aiming to draw attention to the continuing need to fight antisemitism.

Terra Nova with President

ICEJ-Brazil hosts President Bolsonaro at mass prayer rally

Recently, ICEJ-Brazil national director Apostle Renê Terra Nova hosted Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro at his home church in the port of Manaus and at a massive prayer rally for Israel in the same city at the mouth of the Amazon River. The prayer gathering in the city’s Sambodrome stadium once again drew up tens of thousands of Christians who love and support Israel. Bolsonaro is currently running for re-election and has voiced support for moving his nation’s Embassy to Jerusalem.

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