Word from Jerusalem Magazine May/June 2024
By Staff Writers

We are pleased to share our latest edition of the Word from Jerusalem magazine. This issue is packed with insightful commentaries on current events and informative reports on our recent projects and activities that will captivate your attention and inspire you to action for Israel.

Our main Bible teaching is “The Two Dreams of Joseph”. Looking through Scripture, ICEJ President Dr. Jürgen Bühler shares how the dreams of Joseph not only foretell his amazing rise to rulership in Egypt along with his role as a prototype of the suffering Messiah, but they also reflect the broader calling and destiny of the Jewish people.

Having passed the six-month mark since the Hamas atrocities of October 7th, ICEJ Vice President & Senior Spokesman David Parsons analyses the current situation in Gaza and adds his own insightful Bible commentary concerning the Patriarch Abraham.   

The ICEJ continues our urgent efforts to bring relief aid to the Israeli people during this difficult time of war. We are comforting those who lost loved ones, delivering food and aid to evacuees, supplying medical and emergency equipment to first responders, donating ambulances and ATVs, providing more bomb shelters, supporting trauma treatments, and so much more. Please read all about these efforts in our Israel in Crisis section. We are so grateful for your generous support in helping us meet Israel’s needs.

Meanwhile, Jewish immigration to Israel is swiftly rising, as a wave of antisemitism spreads around the world. In response, the ICEJ is funding Aliyah flights and transport efforts from France, South Africa, Ethiopia, Russia, Ukraine, and many other countries.

Please continue to pray for Israel and support our efforts to help them through this prolonged crisis towards better, brighter days.  Together we can continue to make a positive impact and bring comfort to Israel.

Enjoy our collection of stories to enrich your reading experience of the Word from Jerusalem, and thank you for supporting Israel and the ICEJ’s ministry.

Blessings from Jerusalem to you and your family!