Czech conference singers Shilo Ben Hod and Nizar Francis
By Dr. Mojmir Kallus, ICEJ Vice President for International Affairs 

In mid-February, the ICEJ’s Czech office organized an Israel conference in Cesky Tesin, a town in the Czech “Bible belt” near the border with Slovakia. Over 300 participants from both parts of former Czechoslovakia arrived with high expectations for this third annual gathering called “ICEJ Connection”, which aims to connect local believers with the move of God in Israel and the wider Middle East.  

Worship leaders Shilo and Sarah ben Hod were joined by Nizar Frances, a popular Israeli Arab singer whose vision is to create bridges of love between Jews and Arabs in the Land of Israel. The presence of the Lord descended on the participants during worship when Hebrew and Arabic words flowed together. The messages reflected on the very difficult situation in Israel since October 7 but also encouraged listeners with many stories of God’s intervention. 

Dr. Mojmir  Kallus with Benjamin Berger

The keynote speaker was Benjamin Berger, pastor of a Messianic Congregation in the Old City of Jerusalem. He has witnessed the development of the Messianic movement in Israel for more than half a century and is a well-known speaker who teaches about the restoration of Israel and its importance for the Gentile church. He gave inspired messages on the topic of the conference taken from Romans 11:15: “For if their being cast away is the reconciling of the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead?” 

The packed venue and many positive reactions indicated that the churches are waking up to a deeper understanding of the mystery of Israel.