AJ’s Club – Children’s Ministry (not available for 2022)

AJ’s Club is a ministry to children attending the Feast from ages 1 to 7. If you have experience and a love for children’s ministry, then this is the team for you. AJ’s Team Members will assist with a nursery (age 1 to 4 years) and a 5 to 7-year-old group. AJ’s Team Members assist with the development of lesson plans and their presentation as well as the development and presentation of crafts and other activities. (All team members accepted to serve on the AJ’s Team must provide a personal background check/police report issued after May 1, 2020.)

Chinese Translator (Physical Feast) (Third Arrival – Oct. 6)

Digital Editors (Virtual – July/Aug/Sept)

Editing digital seminars 2-3 months before the Feast.

Feast Office (Physical Feast) (Arrival 2 – Oct. 2)

This department reports directly to the VP of Operations and oversees setup of Pais Arena and other venues (everything not on stage) and handles coordination of all Feast Teams. Team Members must be versatile, able to work well independently, and quickly/diplomatically solve problems in high stress situations.

First Aid (Physical Feast) (Arrival 1- Sept. 28) (Arrival 2 – Oct. 2)

This department provides basic first aid and emergency response during the Feast at various Feast venues and in residency at the Team Members’ accommodation. First Aid Team Members must lodge with the teams at the Yitzhak Rabin Guest House, and a certification in nursing or as a paramedic is required. (Only select to serve on the First Aid Team if you have a medical qualification or are currently a certified medic. To be accepted on the First Aid Team, you will need to provide us with a copy of your RN or EMT certification.)

Headsets (Physical Feast) (Arrival 3 – Oct. 6)

Headsets Team Members distribute translation headsets to pilgrims during the Feast. Bi-lingual abilities are a plus! If you sign up for this team, be sure to list ALL languages with which you are familiar, even if you are not completely FLUENT!

HELP Desk (Physical Feast) (Arrival 2 – Oct. 2) (Arrival 3 – Oct. 6)

Team Members at the Information Desk are on the “front lines” of support and assistance for our physical Feast pilgrims and especially those joining the virtual Feast. Ideal applicants will have some customer service or retail experience – comfortable in dealing with the public, calm under pressure, work well as part of a team and be independent thinkers and problem-solvers. Tasks will include answering / troubleshooting queries via live chat. Applicants need have a certain level of computer / technical skills. Must be fluent in English and bi-lingual abilities are a plus! Please note this team is based at the ICEJ Headquarters for the duration of the Feast.

Graphic Designer – Physical — Arrival 3 – Oct. 6

Graphic Designer – Virtual — Begin Sept. 20

(Virtual or Physical) The Role of the Feast Teams Graphic Designer is to be a supporting role to the Lead Graphic Designer in the Publications/Communications department. Tasks will involve preparing files for either print, or digital (Social Media posts across multiple platforms)

Some projects include but are not limited to: a Feast Booklet Program (Print version and Digital version) *Language support as needed, Feast Badge preparation, Signage designs (For Arena and/or on location), ICEJ Resources Store signage (For Arena and/or on location?), Watermarking Photos with Feast Watermark for Media/Press release of official daily recap photos.

For Social Media Graphics: Each day will have pre-session posts of the days speakers/guests etc., as well as recap posts of Speaker Quotes etc. These can be created on-the-go via Adobe Express (formerly Spark) using the Assets Library of the ICEJ Adobe account.
If the role is to be fulfilled in person, then Physical Arrival #3 would suffice
If the role is to be remote from abroad – Potentially be available 3 weeks before the Feast, and during the Feast.
Use of your own computer equipment/laptop would be a bonus.

Housing (Arrival 1, 28 September 2022)

The Housing Team is responsible for the arrangement and management of accommodations for Feast Team Members. Housing Team Members will work directly with the ICEJ Housing Manager and should:
• be flexible.
• be prepared for long hours.
• be willing to receive instructions.
• possess a servant’s heart.
• ideally have basic computer skills.
• be willing to arrive a few days earlier than the first arrival date (on or before)
Housing Team Members should love people and possess strong people skills, as situations may occur which require one to adapt quickly in shuffling and coordinating rooming lists or meal schedules. Housing Team Members will have an opportunity to interact with all Feast Teams, as well as ICEJ Staff involved with the Feast of Tabernacles.

Music/Admin (Physical Feast — Arrival 1 – Sept. 28)

Someone with administrative skills to help organize & support the Music Department.

Logistics (Physical Feast Arrival 1 – Sept 28)

The Logistics Team is the “make it happen” and “glue” that holds things together for each of the many departments before, during and after the event. The Logistics Team is responsible for the timely collection of equipment/ resources and its subsequent transfer/transport to each of the departments and venues. Logistics Team Members work closely with all staff and teams and enjoy a varied workday, usually beginning after our team breakfast at 8:00.
On certain days, you will be expected to work into the late hours of the night, so it is important that you be flexible and display a good sense of humor; these are just two of the foundational characteristics we look for when building and maintaining a solid team. It is obvious that as a servant of Jesus we offer excellent service, with a smile. Applicants should be strong individuals, have a heart for service, patient and able to endure hours of physical labor, when required. Though it is a time for hard work, you should expect to have fun whilst making some of the best relationships of your life.

Marketing (Physical Feast Arrival 2 – Oct 2)

Must represent a good working knowledge of basic media production and social media (especially Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.) Work is very time sensitive; members must be comfortable with spontaneity in their work, readily available, and open to potential long hours.

An essential port of the job is capturing memorable moments in front and behind the camera, and inspirational quotes from speakers to share with the ICEJ community. Specific to the role, Marketing will take photos, shoot videos, edit graphics, and post on social media. Applicants must speak conversational English well, possess good communication skills, love creativity, and always in joyful spirits.

Prayer Succah (Physical Feast — Arrival 3 – Oct. 6)

(Physical Feast) Prayer Team Members will be required to interact with delegates, pray for the needs of delegates, and assist delegates in signing up for the ICEJ prayer Initiatives. Applicant should have a servant’s heart, enjoy communicating, and have a desire to pray and worship. Team Members will be required to work outdoors for specific periods of time.

Prayer Succah (Virtual Feast – Arrival 3 – Oct 6)

(Virtual Feast) Assist in organizing Zoom/Virtual Prayer groups and/or assist in leading prayer groups on Zoom.

Publications – (Physical Feast — Arrival 1, Sept. 28)

The Publications department is a hub for al forms of communication and covers a variety of different aspects of the Feast (writing, photography, social media, graphic design and/or video editing, etc.
Publications Team Members’ main task during the Physical Feast is gathering quotes, photos, and reporting on content for our post-Feast issue of the Word from Jerusalem Magazine. Team members will listen for important quotes in all Feast sessions and interview Feast attendees for quotes and impressions of their Fest experiences. Feast Team members will also be at the disposal of the Publications team for any other urgent needs that may arise during the Feast. Being flexible, having good writing &communication skills, and a love to interact with people is a must!

Photography (Physical Feast — Arrival 2 – Oct. 2)

Photography Team Members are responsible for the capture, editing and distribution of the thousands of still images taken during the Feast. Professional experience with DSLR cameras and the editing and upload/ downloading of digital images is necessary. The Photography Team Members will be responsible for bringing their own equipment. Will work closely with Publications, Marketing or Social Media.

Registration (Physical Feast — Arrival 1 – Sept. 28 & Arrival 2 – Oct., 2)

Registration Team Members assist with the registration of international and local delegates attending the Feast and interact with Pilgrims from around the world. Positive relationship skills and the ability to smile in difficult situations is necessary. Excellent computer skills such as the ability to navigate databases and web-based applications are essential. Registration Team Members must speak English fluently; however, bilingualism in Chinese, Finnish, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish or Hebrew is also helpful.

Resources (Physical Feast — Arrival 3, Oct. 6)

This Feast Team is responsible for selling books, CDs, DVDs and other ICEJ materials at the Embassy Resources booth in the Feast vendor area and will also pack the materials into boxes to be moved from the store to the booth and then back again, with the help of the Logistics Team.
The ability to work easily with financial transactions is encouraged as well as the ability to sustain long hours (the Resources booth opens before and closes after the day’s events). The packing of the materials must be done quickly and orderly. Responsible, level-headed, hard-working individuals with good people skills are needed in this area.

Security (Physical Feast — Arrival 3, Oct. 6)

This Feast Team serves in conjunction with the security companies of the Feast event venues to provide the security apparatus of the Feast. Security Team Members should be individuals with previous experience in security and access control.
Key attributes are an awareness of public safety concerns and a keen sense of public relations. Security Team Members will need to show initiative and yet work as a team in projecting an image of authority. Security Team Members must be prepared to serve for long hours and, at times, deal with stressful situations.

Social Media (Physical Feast — Arrival 2, Oct. 2)

Social Media Team Members must have a good working knowledge of social media, especially Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social Media work is very time sensitive, so Team Members should be comfortable with spontaneity in their work, be readily available, and open to potentially long hours.
An essential part of the job is capturing memorable and inspirational quotes to share with ICEJ followers and readers. Along with posting on social media, team members will be encouraged to draft short articles and reports on Feast-related topics and events. Applicants must speak English fluently and possess excellent communication skills.

Stage Tech (Physical Feast – Arrival 2, Oct. 2)

Team Member Lounge (formerly Catering) (Physical Feast – Arrival 2, Oct. 2)
Team Members will assist in the service of incoming meals provided by an external catering company, as well as arrange and serve snacks and maintain a beverage station as required, before and during the Feast.
Service includes food service, food storage, maintenance and cleaning of all food/snacks preparation and service areas, and collection of waste. Team Members should be familiar with standards of cleanliness and safe food handling/storage, and must possess strong people skills, be able to endure long hours and be patient

TECH Assistant (Virtual)

Need a “team leader” who has more technical skills and savvy that I can be quickly taught how the platform works; Technology Savvy, Will work hand in hand with TV team and IT team for online support; Will run proactive checks on the events when live and when posted for VOD; Will function as a tester for the app and the platform; Will need to be available at least 10 days before the feast; Will join all the dress rehearsals for streaming
*Need 1 per shift, Asia, EMEA and Americas

Translation Team (Physical Feast – Arrival 3, Oct. 6)

The Translation Team is responsible for the translation (from English) of Feast speakers to other languages, including Chinese/Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Slovak, Spanish, Russian, and Thai. Applicants should be fluent in English and in the language for which they choose to translate. Normally the translator comes with the group from the country/language.

Transport (Physical Feast Arrival 1 – Sept. 28 & Arrival 2 – Oct. 2)

The Transport Team is responsible for the transportation of +250 Team Members, guest speakers, some staff, and Directors. Duties take place before, during, and after the Feast of Tabernacles. Drivers must be very flexible, able to receive instruction and possess a servant’s heart. Transport Team Members are issued a regularly updated driving schedule. Those accepted as part of the Transport Team should:
• be comfortable driving a manual/shift gear nine-seater passenger van.
• be over 25 years old.
• have a valid driver’s license; and
• be prepared for driving in heavy traffic and under demanding conditions.
A general knowledge of Jerusalem’s roads is helpful but not essential.

TV Production (Physical Feast – Arrival 1, 28 September 2022)

The TV Production Team is responsible for shooting and editing video footage at the Feast. Professional experience with DSLR cameras is a requirement. Prior experience with editing in Adobe Premiere Pro is highly preferred. A basic understanding of lighting, scene composition and editing is required. Familiarity with live TV production as well as Pro Presenter for displaying worship lyrics is also highly preferred. TV Production Team members will assist the TV Team in various areas which may include all of the following: shooting, editing, grip work, etc. as well as running Pro Presenter for worship lyrics.

Ushering (Physical Feast – Arrival 3, Oct. 6)

Ushering Team Members assist and direct delegates at all Feast events and participate in the practical functions of the Feast. Applicants must be able to work as part of a team, accept and give instruction, and have a servant’s heart with a firm resolve. Ushering Team Members must also be able to stand for prolonged periods of time.

Video Duplication (not available in 2022)

This department is responsible for the recording of Feast seminars and speakers and for the duplication of these recordings. Technical knowledge and experience with video duplication equipment is helpful.

Virtual Assistants (Virtual Feast – begin Oct.6)

This department serves various functions such as coordinating emails, calendars and helping online in a variety of ways.