Мы в ICEJ верим, что молитва является двигателем нашего служения и должна касаться каждой части того, что мы делаем в Израиле и во всем мире! Мы хотим, чтобы вы, наши партнеры, участвовали вместе с нами в молитве через наши многочисленные молитвенные инициативы в течение месяца и оказали максимальное влияние, молясь за Божью землю и Его народ в эти трудные времена. Пожалуйста, присоединяйтесь к нам в молитве!

Isaiah 62 Global Prayer Gathering

Over recent months, thousands of intercessors from around the world have joined our weekly Isaiah 62 Global Prayer Gathering online. These times of praying together have been a real source of strength and encouragement to us at ICEJ during these difficult days, and many of you have been telling us the same. Join us every Wednesday as we bring together respected Christian pastors and ministry leaders from Israel and worldwide for a time of prayer and worship.

Rosh Chodesh

Join us for global prayer on "Rosh Chodesh", when the new moon appears at the start of each month according to the Hebrew calendar. This festival of the new moon was given to the Jewish people at Mt Sinai. Special sacrifices were to be offered on Rosh Chodesh to mark the beginning of the new month (Numbers 28: 11-15). It also became a time when the Israelites would consult the Hebrew prophets (2 Kings 4:23). In addition, this joyous day featured the blast of a trumpet blown on the pinnacle of the Temple in Jerusalem to announce the arrival of the new month. In a similar manner, ICEJ will be ‘blowing the trumpet’ from Jerusalem to call for a special day of prayer and seeking the Lord at the start of each new month. Make sure to join us each month at the Zoom link below!