By: Dr. Jürgen Bühler, ICEJ President

Dear friends,

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is honored to serve as the Christian partner of Yad Vashem – the most significant Holocaust memorial and museum in the world. This revered institution was officially tasked by Israel’s parliament to honor the six million Jews who perished in the Nazi genocide. 

Our partnership began in 2004 with a request to help establish closer ties between Yad Vashem and the growing Evangelical community worldwide.  Due to the governmental oversight of Yad Vashem, this historic move needed the government’s approval, and both the president and prime minister of Israel embraced the idea of setting up the “Christian Desk at Yad Vashem” in partnership with the ICEJ. Together, we are working for a brighter future, to ensure “Never Again!”

The mission of Yad Vashem is both sacred and broad, and it includes working to preserve the memories of Holocaust survivors for future generations, as well as honoring those non-Jews who at great personal risk helped to rescue Jews from the Nazi genocide. We are pleased to share two wonderful initiatives currently underway at Yad Vashem and how you can get involved.

Collecting Survivor Testimonies

Today, many Holocaust survivors have yet to tell their stories, but their numbers are dwindling quickly. Thus, we are in a race against time to collect, record and preserve their testimonies. Yad Vashem has launched a special project to accomplish this task. Recording and preserving a survivor testimony for posterity in the Yad Vashem archives costs approximately US $1,400. Your gift for this special purpose will be acknowledged by Yad Vashem with a beautiful certificate.

Honoring the “Righteous Among the Nations”

Yad Vashem is the only institution that recognizes those non-Jews who helped rescue, hide and save Jews during the Holocaust.

Closeup of a tomato seedling in the hands of a young boy ready to plant it into the soil at the garden. Home grown vegetables and healthy food care. Horticulture and home garden concept.

To honor these selfless rescuers, Yad Vashem has bestowed the designation of “Righteous Among the Nations” upon them and planted some 2000 trees at their Mt Herzl campus in Jerusalem in recognition of their moral and physical courage. You can also help preserve their legacy by becoming the guardian of a tree planted in their honor. For only US $365 a year, you will receive:

* a certificate in your name as well as the name of a Righteous Gentile,
* the story of the Righteous Gentile,
* a photo of the tree itself.

Please join us in supporting these worthy initiatives, so that together we can ensure “Never Again!”

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Blessings to you from Jerusalem

Dr. Jürgen Bühler
ICEJ President